Sunday, October 4, 2015

Menu Planning 4 College Cooking No 2

Benefits of menu planning extend past saving money and eating well. You are consciously taking steps to reduce waste not only in what you consume, but what you throw away, and thus, minimize your footprint on this earth! 

This week's menu is not an ultra cheap menu trying to meet the ridiculous living standard of SNAP Dollars, i.e. $4 / day per person as I attempted (and failed) on my last post; however, the benefit of this week's menu is that you will likely have a freezer with additional meals for the following week, i.e. you will have some excess from the recipes as well as a few left over grocery items that you can carry in to the following week. This week also assumes that you have a few items remaining from your previous week's shopping, i.e. oatmeal, slices of bread, etc.

Switch things up if you like. 
Pull in other recipes, but whatever you do, get planning…even if it is not a typical thing to do for a college student, learn this simple skill. 
Make it a challenge or game to see if you can reduce spending and waste all while eating better. Take it up a notch and invite someone to share your excess from the meals you create; thus, benefiting two people while building community and conversation.

The Menu This Week
Approximate grocery total outside of Chicago: $75
(Not necessarily shopping at Aldi's or other low-priced stores)
Total: 28 meals 
Cost: $2.75-3.00 / meal

  • English Muffin with cheddar, egg, bacon / 8 oz milk
  • PB & J Sandwich / carrots 
  • Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup (use 1 cup milk to make soup) / Green Salad with veggies
  • Roasted Greek Yoghurt Dip with veggies 
  • You will use yoghurt dip for tomorrow's lunch 
  • 2 eggs with English Muffin /  8 oz milk
  • PB & J Sandwich with carrots / fruit
  • Thaw one container of Rigatoni before leaving house.
  • Rigatoni Up A Notch leftovers / Cucumber Salad Leftovers
  • Popcorn and parmesan
  • Make up second pouch of Tuna Fish for tomorrow's lunch.

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