Sunday, June 2, 2013

Starter Quesadilla

Sometimes it's ok to let others do the cooking, especially with things like roasting chickens.  And this recipe is one of those go-to meals with few ingredients (unless you are feeling adventurous), but all the flavor, warmth and satisfaction:  Simple Chicken-Cheese Quesadillas.

All you need is a skillet that fits the tortillas you bought, olive oil, shredded chicken, and cheese. And your favorite salsa--homemade or storebought--I personally have just gotten hooked on Mango-Peach-Jalapeno Salsa.  A recipe for a later date.

 If you want to make it into something more, knock yourself out--add minced jalapeƱos, corn, black beans, shrimp, green onions, or anything else you love.  Have fun!

1. Skillet, 8" or 10" or 12"
2. Stovetop

3. Shallow plate with thin layer of olive oil.
4. Spatula to flip

1. Tortillas, as many as you want to make
2. Olive Oil
3. Shredded Cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, cotija, or whatever's in the fridge)
4. Roasted Chicken, pulled apart and shredded

1. Place a tortilla on the oiled plate.  (This is important to get that nice smooth golden brown sear.)
2. Prepare the ingredients of your quesadillas shown.

3. When you are ready to cook the tortilla, have your skillet ready at 'Medium Heat' and transfer the tortilla to the skillet.

4. Once the cheese begins to melt, gently fold the cheese side over onto the chicken side.

5. Continue cooking until both sides are golden brown.

6. Dip in your favorite salsa, sour cream, or have it plain.

Have a Wonderful Week!

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