Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Keep Harping On College Finance

I know it must seem odd that I keep posting things on finance, student loans and remaining debt-free, but if you remember, this blog was originally brought into existence for my son whose attending the University of Iowa.   Yes, you are correct--a cooking blog.   However, as this blog has evolved, (and hopefully, will continue to  evolve into a more comprehensive website one day), I am passionate about  addressing other aspects of college important to having a successful college experience, ie finances and health.  I know they are random brain farts, but important ones nonetheless!

Please take my advice, or at least take the expert financial bloggers' advice, on avoiding (or minimizing) your student loans as much as possible.  I am by education a health professional with a decent paying job and a job I actually enjoy.  I even graduated with a fraction of the loans that some of my colleagues racked up; but as I type this tidbit, I am still indebted to AES for approximately $22000--that's after living on a college budget thru grad school and thereafter, paying double on my repayments, and being a fairly frugal person overall.

Sure, with an interest rate of 3%, I'm no longer paying double on the bill, because higher interest loans were paid down first...but it's still another bill, even after graduating from post-graduate education 14 years ago.  Be smart!  Enough said.

Check out what the experts say from

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