Monday, September 9, 2013

Truth From Someone Who Has Done It

Thought everyone might enjoy some words of wisdom and insight from someone whose done it as we all wish we could.  Take time to become financially literate.  Know your spending. Know your finances.  Plan a little to save a lot--whether it's time, money, independence!

This blog is long, but it is a practical review of one guy who outlines his path to financial independence from the day he graduates to the day he becomes financially independent by 30!  It's possible to follow your dream--live it and quit letting life happen to you--if you don't make the decisions, someone will make them for you.

It has incredible tips for college students on making money work for you, but with a huge dose of reality that things don't come for free--you have to make it happen, have to come prepared, and sometimes, have to make sacrifices; and most importantly, have to quit making excuses.  

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