Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Passive Income Something To Think About

It's always frustrating reading books on real estate or finance where descriptions of wealth are described, but the road to riches is rarely explained in detail, and always escapes you.
In finance lingo, as I have come to understand it, one of the keys to having financial independence is having multiple sources of income--whether from money working for you in stocks, royalties, dividends, interest,  or real estate--doesn't matter if you are sick, healthy, have a job or not, the money deposits with uncanny regularity into your account every single month.

As referenced before, take a look at the Financial Samurai's blog to educate yourself on improving your bottom line.  You don't have to have a job yet or have graduated to start thinking about ideas, using skills, spending smarter.  

Check out the link to his most recent post below. 

Another easy read:  'RichDad PoorDad' by Robert Kiyosaki, a classic, easy read for gaining financial literacy about money, especially increasing your passive income...yes, even as a college student.

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