Saturday, November 30, 2013

PLs Cuban Sandwich

As promised, today I am going to feature my version of the cuban sandwich.  Remember to make extras of the Simple Pork Chops because you'll want to have enough to try this out--you may even convince your mind that you are somewhere on South Beach or sitting in Havana!

Toaster Oven
Sharp knife

Leftover or Freshly-made Pork chops, sliced in half

Thin Sliced Ham
Gouda, Havarti, or Munster type cheese
Italian baguette (this is a lighter baguette, less chewy and less dense than a French baguette)
Mustard (I use Gulden's Brown)
Kosher Dill Pickles

1. Wash Your Hands.
2. Slice your baguette into thirds, cut in half and toast lightly.

(Buy an extra baguette and freeze it pre-sliced for future garlic bread or other sandwiches)

3. Carefully slice the pork chops in half, approx 1/8" in width.

4. Begin your assembly:
--Mayo and mustard, both sides

--pickles, one side

--ham, one side

--pork slices on top of ham

5. Briefly toast again until cheese is softened.

6. Combine both sides of the sandwich.
7. Dig in! Crunchy, warm, and so satisfying!

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