Thursday, November 28, 2013

Money and Time Savers

Money and time are precious commodities when your in college.

Here are a few simple time and money savers to make the most of your money and time in the kitchen.

10. Bouillon
      --save space in your cabinets, money in your wallet, and time in your day
      --dried bouillons $1.55 for a six cube packet (12 cups) vs. $4.50 for store-made carton (4 cups)
      --homemade stock is better, but given the time and effort to make it, I usually opt for the above.
9. Limit grocery shopping to once / week. 
      --returning 2-3 times / week is likely to increase your spending on additional items with each trip
      --it's also a waste of time going back and forth to the store
8. Make a menu
      --even if only one meal / day is planned, this will keep your shopping focused
      --make your list, stick to it, and go once a week
7. Buy in bulk, especially meats on sale and other items you can prep and freeze
      --look out for sales on your higher priced items, and when possible, buy 2-3 times the amount
      --once you get home, portion them into freezer-safe containers for future use
      --money and timed saved on both ends
6. Invest in good-quality Tupperware. 
      --after shopping in bulk, have a set of containers that seal properly and can store your foods.
      --prep veggies when you get home from the store so that they are ready for salads and snacking
      --freeze additional amounts of soups, pasta sauces, casseroles in proper containers and freezer bags 
5. Store-bought Roasted Chicken.
      --one of the best time savers there is
      --master the limitless options with Roasted Chicken
      --chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, roasted chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken quesadillas
      --just to name a few
4. Skip the meat. 
      --become vegetarian 2-3 x per week
      --this is one of the ultimate ways to cut your grocery budget
3. Drink more water and make your own tea and coffee. 
      --skip the soda, alcohol, energy drinks.
      --buy a good thermos to take with you to class or the library
2. Cook in bulk. 
      --double batches of spaghetti sauce, meatballs, soups, stews, pasta bakes
      --make sure you have the containers (mentioned under no. 6) to store and freeze the extras
1. Learn to cook. 
      --next to skipping meat for a few days, this can make a huge difference
      --even just learning a few skills, like making eggs, omelet, searing a pork chop, or making a sauce
      --limit dining out (even fast food), another budget-buster,  and eat leftovers.
      --doesn't always save time, but it will save money and is usually healthier for you

(Compiled from my own experience as well as from friends' and family members' advice)

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