Friday, March 28, 2014

Raid The Fridge Pasta Salad

What do you do with all those ends of vegetables, herbs, half boxes of pasta, half empty bottles of salad dressing, chicken or cheese? You really hate to waste it or throw everything out, but then again, it's not enough for anything else, right? And if it just sits there, it'll get mushy, stale or turn colors and odors you never knew existed!

Well the easiest thing to do is to check your fridge at the end of every week, and take inventory.  Chop up all the leftovers and combine. Use up whatever you can before heading to the grocery store to restock with fresh items.

(Adapted Southern Living and an article they just featured on using 'leftovers'). 

Large saucepan
Mixing bowl

Ends & pieces of any veggie you like, chopped:

-Cherry tomatoes 
-Red onion or green onion

Other "ends":
-leftover rotisserie chicken or extra chicken breast
-salad dressing

1. Wash your hands.
2. Boil 2-3 cups pasta unless you have leftovers from a separate meal.

3. Prep your veggies and herbs.

4. If you are boiling water, you can drop certain veggies (carrots, broccoli, snowless) in the pasta water for 1-2 minutes to "blanch" them, ie soften them.

4. Combine cooled pasta and veggies in a mixing bowl.

5. Add chopped herbs.

6. Add cheese and chicken.

7. Add your favorite, almost-gone, salad dressing.

8. Have it as a side, snack or meal!

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