Friday, August 30, 2013

No Fuss Waffles On The Run

Stumbled upon this brilliant and delicious recipe in the recent Cooking Light edition and added some variations for a great bite on your way to class.  Take advantage of seasonal fruits to make this recipe your own--for now enjoy the last of summer's fruits such as strawberries and peaches.
When fall arrives experiment with apples and pears.  

I'd suggest making the cream cheese spread and slicing the fruit the night before (unless you are using bananas) so that nothing's left to do on your way out the door except assemble the goods.  Think outside the box and be creative.  Oh...and make one for your roommate.

Note: I have pictured a variation for those who love peanut butter, honey and banana.  

Small mixing bowl
Toaster oven or regular oven

Whole wheat frozen waffles
4 oz of 1/3-Reduced fat cream cheese
1 tsp of cinnamon 
1 Tbls of brown sugar (optional in my opinion)
Sliced strawberries

1. Wash your hands and the strawberries or whatever fruit you are using.
2. Combine the cream cheese, cinnamon, and sugar with a fork.

3. Toast your waffles.
4. Once waffles are golden brown, spread your cream cheese mixture onto two warm waffles.

5. Add your fruit and top with the second waffle.  Waffle sandwich to-go is done.

For the PB-Banana Combo:

1. Combine 2-3 Tbls of peanut butter with 1-2 tsp of honey.

2. Spread onto waffles as above and layer your banana slices on top.

3. Easy Breezy!

If you are sitting down for breakfast, leave it open-faced and combine with syrup and take your time.

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