Friday, June 10, 2016

Minneapolis St Paul Food Finds

Not getting to cook much these days, because I seem to be going-going-going non-stop! However, one benefit is certainly making new friends and finding awesome food joints! This weekend in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN did not disappoint!

Check out these incredible local hangouts I discovered this visit--all worth a re-visit and some worth a trek regardless!

These operations are about local support and giving back to the community while providing exceptional fare, flavors and dining experience! 

Here are my Top 4 Choices this trip followed by other options if you happen to need a solid and well-priced meal! 

Black Sheep Pizza
Multiple locations. The restaurant on Washington Street in Minneapolis is in the  heart of city commotion and near the stadium. Skip the lines and head over to the St Paul's location! 

I tried the Persian Beef withe Feta, Parsley and Harissa Pizza and the Roasted Olives & Garlic for a starter. But the menu is full of surprises and great combinations! Salads are  freshly prepared with seasonal ingredients. Local microbrews are just the "icing on the cake"!

Surly Beer Hall

Grab a bike and ride the back trails in and around Minneapolis with the goal of finding your way to Surly Beer Hall for a full smattering of their standard, and seasonal, microbrews along with some incredible food--BBQ, brisket, phenomenal authentic German pretzels, and farm-to-table options--what a great venue and endpoint to wrap up a day of activity and motion!


Across the river, St Paul offers another fantastic option for lunch or dinner with a French flare!

Looking for a break from city life, this place will cheer you up on a sunny day and make you feel you crossed the Atlantic! Again, seasonal fare, great drinks with cool concoctions such as the French Riviera and Leetal Beeg Cheezeburger with Pommes Frites!

Finally, I saved my favorite place for last: 

The Birchwood Cafe

Located in the heart of the neighborhood, this cafe is about more than just good, real food--they are involved in change, community projects, charity, mindful living, and promoting social justice, equality, and awareness! 

But, as wonderful as this may sound...the food rocks your world--fresh, local, organic, healthy, delicious, interesting--Birdseed Bread Avocado Toast garnished with edible flowers and fresh herbs or what about Sweet Pea & Basil Pancakes with Grapefruit Marmalade

Before You Leave...

Take advantage of Minneapolis' awesome outdoor space for walking, biking, reading, relaxing! Really some cool options worth exploring close to or within the city:

Lake Harriet & Lake Calhoun
Minnehaha Park & Falls

Downtown Gold Medal Park

Downtown Old Stone Bridge

...and Dogwood Coffee

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