Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quick-Fix Taco(s) Salad

Tacos are perfect for any college kid who needs volume and substance. Variations are endless. Just put out the fixin's and let everyone do their own thing: salad, soft taco, hard-shell...whatever!

1. 10-12" Non-stick skillet
2. Lots of bowls for condiments

1. 1 lb Ground Beef, browned
2. 1 bottle Ortega Medium Taco Sauce,
3. Hard-shell Taco Shells
4. Soft Tacos
5. Tortilla Chips

1. Crumble the meat into the skillet and let brown as seen in picture before flipping or browning the rest
2. Once meat is almost browned, add 3/4 bottle of the taco sauce.
3. That's the hard part.  If the meat is done, you are golden.

A.  Leave out meat altogether.  Substitute black beans or refried beans.

B.  Brown a diced jalapeño with the meat.  Add garlic powder, Tajin Classic Seasoning, salt and pepper for a more savory option. Finish off with squeezed lime.


*Sharp Cheddar, shredded and lots of it
*Sour Cream
*Jalapeños, fresh or pickled
*Re-fried Beans or Black Beans

The Assembly Line--any which way you like it:

Dig in! Oh can't, it's just a picture.  You will need to get cookin', I guess.
Don't tell me your roomates won't love you if this is served tonight!

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