Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 1 NYC

Travelling this week to foodie heaven: NEW YORK! No recipes to post, but hopefully a few suggestions and pics!

1. Russ & Daughters

Family-owned since 1914. 
Consistently rated above other shops which makes the short and easy subway ride from downtown evenmore worth the effort.

2. Nathan's Hot Dogs
Since 1916. Make the trek to Coney Island along the 'F' line which practically drops you onto the boardwalk to sample this taste of Americana!

Normally, I hardly ever have hotdogs, but we are talking Nathan's Hot Dogs at the place of origin!

3. Coney Island Wall Art
Dont miss the 'Coney Island Wall Art' on your way to the boardwalk. Pretty cool stuff developing. The pics below were a few finished pieces set to be featured Summer 2016.

4. Brooklyn Bridge Park
On your way home from Coney Island, head over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park where you can soak up great city views and Instagram-to-your-hearts-content! 

But...before you leave after roaming the incredible path along the river, stop by @thebrooklynicecreamfactory to nourish your aching muscles from the mileage and calories you are logging (and burning)!

5. Don Antonio's at Starita
After walking over 18,000 steps, or approx 7 miles, today...I just wanted simple and good! Found this recommendation from @tastingtable on @instagram. 

Totally worth the endless stairs of the Metro and walking all day--eat your way thru a city--best thing!! We shared most bites in order to sample everything!

All said and done: 19,354 Steps / 8.08 miles with phenomenal eats and sites along the way! 

Day 1 NYC. Check!

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