Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer's Nectar: Agua Fresca

Forget the Vitamin Water and artificially flavored waters that drain your college  budget and offer little flavor. Yes...I am pushing more "water drinking" this summer as well as cutting out sodas from the college consumption this week on the blog, because so many great alternatives exist with seasonal produce, melons and fruit.

As the hot and humid weather begins to settle in, try out one of South America's most refreshing drinks: Agua Fresca. If you have a bowl, sieve, and blender...this is a cinch!

(I used a combination of recipes from Whole Foods, the Food Network, and my own ideas)

Watermelon-Mint Agua Fresca

Blender or bullet
(if you don't have a blender...mash it and strain it)

1/2 medium ripe watermelon
3 cups ice cold water
Juice of one lime
1 Tbls agave syrup plus to taste

--jalapeno slices

1. Wash your hands.
2. Chop watermelon in 1-2" chunks.
3. Pulse in batches in magic bullet or full blender.

4. Strain liquid mixture with mint and discard pulp.

5. Add lime juice. 
6. Add agave to taste.

7. Add herbs, ie mint or basil
7. Add extras here: strawberries, jalapeno, basil
8. Add to a glass filled with ice!

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