Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dollar In My Wallet: Drink More H2O

Unfortunately, there's no 'summerbreak' for your budget! But…some of the simplest ways to reduce costs is sticking to water as your preferred beverage--certainly don't buy bottled water--use your tap or get a Sodastream device that carbonates plain water!! I have found that just having 'sparkling' water increases my interest in consuming water for meals or throughout the day; and, I save money and calories while being healthier.

That said, just because you are drinking water, doesn't mean it has to be boring! The market has recently been flooded with ideas for reaching you daily "water-quota" and making it more adding frozen fruit to your water bottle or adding a few slices of citrus with cucumber--the possibilities are really endless.  

Just last week I stumbled upon a 2014 Allrecipes Magazine which featured another great idea that not only adds flavor to your water, but keeps your water cold:  Frozen, flavored ice cubes! Awesome, right? Pop one of these into your sparkling water and have a spritzer instead!

Additionally, if you are making a batch of lemonade or agua fresca…using these ice cubes will keep your drinks cold without diluting them! Or add them to your morning o.j.  
Pure Genius! 

Drink More H20

Ice trays
Mixing bowl
Fork for mashing
Blender for pulsing

Simple syrup or honey, in small quantities
--strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries
--pineapple, mango
--lemons, limes
Herbs / Cucumber
--jalpenos, habaneros, serrano (for some heat)
--mint, thyme, basil


--add simple fruit to your ice tray and cover with water
--make a strawberry puree with fruit and basil before freezing in your tray
--make a batch of lemonade, or limeade, and add berries or mango, then freeze
--use honey for a touch of sweetness

Mashed Strawberries & Basil
Ginger-Honey Lemonade
Jalapeño-Infused Lemonade
Blueberry Limeade
--put it all in the freezer
--see what you can come up with!

Strawberry-Basil. Blueberry Limeade. Ginger-Honey Lemonade. Jalapeño-Lemonade. Cherry-Limeade.
--when you are ready, add a few cubes to your water bottle or glass

Drink More Water! Save more money!

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