Sunday, April 21, 2013

Roasted Smashed Hot Potatoes

As promised from last weeks blog, I agreed to posting a recipe I modified from The Pioneer Woman's recipe collection that I'm sure you can make as well: Crash Hot Potatoes

The original recipe came from Australia, and I've simply made a few additions to make this a great side dish with a spicy twist. So far, I have had nothing but rave reviews in that nothing is ever leftover.

If you prefer the tamer, traditional flavors--nothing wrong with that--stick to the original recipe as outlined.  Add it to the meatloaf you just mastered, hopefully! Bound to impress!

5-Qt Saucepan
16" x 19" Sheet Pan (or something similar, oven-proof, flat, and with edges)

12 - 15 small new potatoes (depends more on the size of your crowd and size of sheet pan)
1-2 tsp salt

Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
4 Tbls butter, melted
2 cloves garlic, minced

Garlic Salt & Lemon Pepper
Fresh herbs, chopped-thyme, rosemary
Jalapeños, sliced

1. Wash your hands.
2. Clean and prepare your space.
3. Preheat oven to 450F degrees.

4. Place potatoes in saucepan.
5. Cover with water & 1-2 tsp salt
6. Boil potatoes until fork-tender.  Approx 15-20 min. (should be small potatoes). Set aside.

7. Prepare sheet pan with olive oil.
8. Sprinkle pan with salt and pepper.

9. Place cooled potatoes on sheet pan.
10. Use fork to gently mash potatoes
11. Drizzle smashed potatoes with olive oil, salt & pepper and thyme/rosemary (herbs optional)

OR Branch Out!

12. Melt butter in small bowl, add garlic and any other fresh herbs.
13. Set aside while taters boil.

14. Once potatoes on pan and mashed, brush with garlic-and herb-infused butter.

15. Scatter sliced jalapeños over potatoes.

16. Salt & Pepper to taste.  Or Garlic-Salt or Lemon-Pepper.

17. Bake @ 450 F degrees x 20-25 minuttes until golden brown.

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